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Mum Friend Kate

Mum Friend: Kate

Credentials: Two Vaginal Births (one land-birth, one water-birth). First degree tear. Labia Graze.

Home: Australia

Favourite Product for:

  • Pregnancy – SRC TIGHTS
  • Birth – BIRTH COMBS!
  • Postpartum – WATER BOTTLES with a STRAW
  • Baby – BONDS onesies with a DOUBLE ZIPPER!

 Favourite motherhood quote/mantra:

Every bad day is followed by a good day”

-I’ve found this to be mostly true.

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My theory behind “Incidental-Insta” is:

If you are going to be scrolling Instagram anyway – some of the pages you follow may as well benefit your motherhood journey, mental health, be educational and of course – be somewhat entertaining!

You’ve heard of incidental exercise? Where instead of an escalator, you choose to take the stairs to get some (incidental) exercise in?

Say hello to your new Incidental-Insta: Same scrolling – but with Incidental education, uplifting info and relatable posts that we all love!

If you’re ready to use this little life-hack then keep reading…

Just like binge-watching that first season of Bridgerton on Netflix, we all do it – that mindless scroll through social media. We are consciously or more-often-than-not, subconsciously comparing our own lives to that of our friends, family and those random acquaintance’s* that we just can’t seem to ‘remove as friend’ even though you barely know them in real life!

[*Social media Acquaintance – you know the ones. You met them once at a party 5 years ago yet somehow, they have become your Facebook ‘Friend’. You don’t remove them from your account because, for whatever strange reason, you would feel bad if you ‘unfriended’ this person who is ultimately a stranger. So instead, you keep them on your friends list and they have an open invitation into your life through seeing everything you post on your social media accounts, including the length, weight, and date of birth of your baby… Man – Facebook is weird].


Comparison Culture

We compare our own lives to our facebook friends through their ever-so beautifully articulated and edited social media posts. These posts often encompass images that seem to be so effortlessly captured that make you question ‘what are YOU doing with your life?!’  

What we don’t see is the behind the scenes of that perfect pic which often includes; 30 pictures from 12 different angles, trialling 10 different filters and cropping anything unsavoury that does not fit the ‘my life is perfect’ theme of the post.

Enter – those subtle but soul-destroying thoughts of:

I wish I could get such nice candid photos of me with my kids”

I wish my house could be that clean”

“How does she look that perfect? She has got as many kids as I do! – Am I doing something wrong?”

Stop comparing mummas. Just. Stop.

Social media is just the highlight reel of your friends and family’s life that are carefully edited to make it look flawless!

And that is okay! Heck – I know I do not have the kind of confidence to post all of the raw, real and unfiltered moments in my life. Do you?

My social media is most definitely only filled with my ‘best bits.’ And you know what?

THAT’S OKAY! But you just must understand – it is everyone elses’ highlight reel too.

It is very rare that people will genuinely post their every-day ‘low-lights’ to the world.

Repeat after me:

Social media is: Just. The. Highlights.

So, start treating it like that (and TRY) to stop the comparison culture.

Instead… get stuck into some incidental-Insta scrolling by following some of the best, most educational and entertaining accounts that are out there!


Top Tips to create YOUR Incidental-Instagram Account


  1. ‘Crowd-in’ lots of your feel-good and educational accounts by following them on your personal Instagram account but also…
  2. Create a private Instagram account where you ONLY follow a few pages (maybe only 5 or 10) that make you FEEL GOOD!
  3. Do not tell anyone about your private account – it is just for YOU when YOU need a little break from social media – a break that we all require every now-and-again.

Below is a list of some of MY favourite Instagrammers – I think you will enjoy their content too!


Some accounts overlap in categories so are mentioned more than once – Happy Scrolling!

Motherhood Accounts


Finance Accounts


Birth, Pregnancy & Postpartum Accounts


Health & Wellbeing Accounts


Motherhood-Comedy Accounts


Food & Recipes Accounts

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