Practical Pregnancy and Postpartum Gift Ideas

baby shower gifts

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baby shower gifts

From Pregnancy to Postpartum…

Your simple guide to gifting & supporting a new mum. 


For Pregnancy

Practical products for a mum-to-be.


For Postpartum

Useful products for her Postpartum.


Maternity Hamper Basket

How to put together a care package that will support a new mom.

1 baby

For Baby

Helpful products for baby in that first year.

NEW mums NEED practical products.

Whatever the occasion, practical items are always a good gift. When gifting a pregnant or postpartum mother however, practical gifts become essential. We are your mum friends and we are here to provide you with great gifting ideas that YOUR mum friend will use and love as she navigates the newness and change that becoming a mother brings to your life. 

We identify items and only the best, most thoughtful ideas for the pregnant and postpartum mum that are:

  • helpful
  • supportive
  • useful
  • unique

Are you

INSTEAD of a card, write in a children's picture book!

Be thoughtful, be sweet, be unique

Instead of giving a card, write your message to the new mum in a children’s picture book! Mum will think of you every time she reads to baby so make sure your message is a sweet one!

These are the 3 of our favorites when reading to our babies:


A time of healing, loads of love, emotions & loads of change.

We believe that by sharing the postpartum focus from bub to BOTH mother and baby, it can set mum’s up to be the best versions of themselves while they navigate newborn life…

…you can help a new mum to feel loved and supported, NOW!

About Us

Hello! Welcome to Practical Postpartum.

We are your Mum Friends.

During our mum group catch-ups we would often chat about all things ‘mum-life.’ Often, products that we found useful in our pregnancy or postpartum period would be a topic of conversation. So, we decided to write about these handy items that, in one way or another supported our transition into motherhood and we are sure they will help you too!

 These products are not always commonly thought of when gifting a new mum and can be a bit ‘outside the box’ when it comes to baby shower gifts. They are what we think of as practical products and we have identified some of our favourites with a clear explanation of WHY they make a great gift. Hopefully it helps you to make a positive impact for the mother you plan on gifting.

We are in the thick of it; the trenches some may say. Pregnancy is fresh in our mind & for some of us it is our second time around and we felt much more prepared for postpartum than we did with our first baby so with that in mind…. as a group, we feel somewhat qualified to help you find thoughtful, useful gifts for the new mother in your life, whether that be a friend, family member or even yourself!

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Why worry about

Ohhhh postpartum, when you are:

  1. Sleep deprived
  2. Sore
  3. and more in LOVE than ever before!

Wait...what even is 'postpartum'?

The term ‘postpartum’ generally refers to the period of time after giving birth. This period of time is usually defined in the medical world as the first 6 weeks after a woman has given birth. However some say that postpartum is forever and that once a baby is born, so is a mother. 

Everyone wants to hold the baby.

and fair enough, who doesn’t love that sweet newborn smell?…

…but what about mum? She has just gone through a major life event and change both physically and emotionally, who holds her? This website concentrates on products to help optimize the immediate postpartum period when new moms can be SO vulnerable.

Gifts for new mum


In the grand scheme of things, being pregnant is truly such a short time in your life.

While you are in it though, it can feel everlasting! 

Those uncomfortable full feelings, the nausea, the reflux, the swelling of things… they will all become a distant memory once your baby is born and you are then instantly consumed with newborn life! 

However, if you are currently in the thick of it and feeling as pregnant as octo-mum (remember her?), you want the most useful products for not just surviving but also thriving pregnancy

Gift them to yourself or someone else!

Prepare for your BIRTH.
Prepare for your POSTPARTUM.

Educate and empower yourself by doing these courses on top of what your healthcare provider already offers.

  • Antenatal course
  • Baby & child first aid course


An EASY & AFFORDABLE gift idea that is SO appreciated by any new parent.

[Hint: You don’t need to spend BIG money (if anyto show your support for a new mum  in her pregnancy & postpartum journey!]

food for postpartum
Food over flowers. Every. Time.

Absolutely unessential, but purposeful products that we love!

Okay, so these products are definitely not essential for pregnancy or postpartum… But gee, they are bloody handy!

What YOU have to say about these products

"I was gifted a birth comb at my baby shower & thought it was the weirdest gift ever. Five weeks later I went into labour...Safe to say I finally realised the purpose of it was for more than just combing my hair! It really helped take the edge off of my contractions, though I do wish I had one comb for each hand."
Samantha, Mum of one - Australia.
You WON’T find an endless list of items you “need” here. We will get straight to the point, only listing tried and tested products that we, your experienced Mum Friends can vouch for. 
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